101,000 ha

has been identified for palm oil cultivation. The sector has seen growth in investments, amid the support of state incentives.


Mizoram is developing a theme park and ecotourism at Lungleng and new trekking routes, including one on Blue Mountain Sangau.


The state has favourable conditions for the development of fisheries. It has 24,000 hectares of potential area for fish farming.


Mizoram grows all four silkworm species namely, Mulberry, Eri Muga and Tasar. Sericulture gets support from the MASCOS.


Around 35 species of bamboo identified in the state. The National Agro-Forestry and Bamboo Mission are driving further plantation.


Mizoram supplies 12 per cent of the total fruits produced in the NE region. The yield per hectare has been on a steady rise.

eProcurement System of Mizoram


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The eProcurement System of Mizoram enables the Tenderers to download the Tender Schedule free of cost and then submit the bids online through this portal.

key investors

Investment Opportunities

Mega Food Park

Zoram Mega Food Park is being set up in Aizawl.

Industrial Estates

Two industrial estates in Hmunhmeltha and Kolasib.


Mizoram state roads connecting north-eastern states to Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Smart Cities Mission

Aizawl has been identified in Mizoram for urban development under the SCM project.


A new airport project in the state, with investment of US$100m (fully GoI funded) has already been cleared.

State Attractions


India has a well-oiled enterprise promoting machinery that is backed by strong legislative, judiciary, executive, and capital establishments