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Meghalaya has the locational advantage for the Southeast Asia trade with a gateway to Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar.


large and medium scale food processing units are operational in the state. A major producer of spices and areca nut in India.


Shillong, the state capital, is the cleanest and greenest hill station in the country with a modern, vibrant and youthful culture.


of Meghalaya (3,108 sq km) is covered by bamboo forests, and the state is one of India's leading bamboo products manufacturer.


medicinal plants in India, and 834 diverse plants, including the famous Himalayan Yew, are found across Meghalaya.


The state has abundant deposits of coal, limestone, granite, quartz, kaolin feldspar, industrial clay, and uranium.


Backed by unparalleled natural beauty and weather, including India's highest annual rainfall, tourism is a key earner here.

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The intervention of the administration in the process of setting up of facilities by a company in Meghalaya is minimal.

Food Processing Meghalaya


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A major producer of spices and areca nut in India

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Proposed hydroelectric power projects with a total capacity of 687 MW.

Smart Cities Mission

Smart Cities Mission, for which Shillong is the city identified in Meghalaya.

Export Promotion Industrial Park

to bet set up by Government of India at Byrnihat, near Guwahati over 250 acres.

Foreign Trade

Export-import business/trading activities are being carried out from 8 functional and two non-functional Land Custom Stations in the state.

State Attractions


India has a well-oiled enterprise promoting machinery that is backed by strong legislative, judiciary, executive, and capital establishments