1,080 km

international border with China, 520 km with Myanmar, 210 km with Bhutan.

Geo advantage

provides opportunities of international trade with South Asian countries.


forest cover area (one-third of the habitat area), rich flora and fauna of the state are characterized by 601 species of orchids, 622 species of medicinal plants

Top producer

of Kiwi and the second-largest producer of large cardamom in India

Act East

policy of GOI has positioned Arunachal Pradesh as India’s gateway to Southeast neighbors.

Arunachal Pradesh Industrial Development & Financial Corporation (APIDFC)


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Performs the twin role of State Industrial Development Corporation and State Financial Corporation

Department of Trade & Commerce


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The body issues trade licenses and facilities border trade and foreign trade.

Department of Industries


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The department helps with setting up of new ventures in the state

Key Investors

Investment Opportunities

North East Gas Grid

The Government of India has budgeted US$780 million for the North East Gas Grid project for the eight northeastern states.

2,000 MW

Subansiri Lower Hydro Electric Project is being built in the state

Smart Cities Mission

has identified Pasighat and Itanagar for urban development

East-West Industrial Corridor

aims to improve Northeast's connectivity with the rest of India


worth of railway projects identified by the Central Government


destinations in the state have been identified for civilian air connectivity


Dibang Multipurpose Project (MPP) to be built. It will be the highest dam in India


of the households in Arunachal Pradesh state to receive water connections by 2023 under the Jal Jeevan Mission

A Training cum Production Center of Silk

instituted in the Chullyu village KVIC specializes in increasing local production of Eri Silk and Khadi cotton among other fabrics

Neciphu Tunnel

A 450km long tunnel connecting Arunachal Pradesh with the Indo-China border has been announced.

State Attractions


India has a well-oiled enterprise promoting machinery that is backed by strong legislative, judiciary, executive, and capital establishments


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