Delhi EV sales higher than national average

Delhi is pushing hard to reduce its contribution to pollution by introducing the progressive EV policy and EV sales in the city

December 14, 2021

In the last quarter, Delhi has marked the highest sales of EVs in the country.

EVs have surpassed other CNG and diesel vehicles in the Delhi market.

Out of the total registrations, the Delhi government has set an objective of 25% EVs by the year 2024.

Relaxed road tax and registration fees for all EVs.

Delhi is emerging as the new EV capital, with almost nine percent of the overall vehicle sales during the month of September-November, which is six times higher than national average, according to the Delhi government 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that Delhi is doing all it can to minimise pollution. One such attempt is through EVs. “I’m glad Delhi is emerging as the EV capital of India with a 9% share of EVs. Delhi is doing everything possible to reduce its contribution to pollution,” tweeted Kejriwal.

Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot added:“Delhi’s progressive electric vehicle policy has turned out to be a huge success, and sales of electric vehicles are rising fast”. The statement also said that EVs In Delhi have accounted for nine percent of the total vehicles sold, while the national average stands at 1.6 per cent. 

In the last quarter, the sales of EVs have exceeded those of CNG and diesel vehicles. This is also the cause for the sale of CNG vehicles declining to seven percent. During the last quarter, i.e. September – November, a total of 9540 EVs have been sold in Delhi. Out of which, 2,873 were sold in September; 3,275 in October and the remaining 3,392 in the month of November, according to a report 

EVs have taken over the market while outweighing CNG and diesel vehicles by a significant margin. They have risen to the second position after petrol vehicles, which accounted for 82,626 sales along with 7,820 CNG vehicles and 2,688 diesel vehicles. 

The Delhi government’s EV Policy has set a target of 25% EVs among the total registrations by 2024. Delhi was also the first country to relieve road tax and registration fees for all EVs. 

The government has also set up 201 charging stations with more than 380 charging points across Delhi to facilitate equal power distribution. All of this was set up in the last two years in Delhi.

There are talks going on about advancing the current state of affairs and introducing at least 600 public charging points by mid-2022. 

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