About Us

Economic Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs

The Economic Diplomacy Division (ED), has been established as the economic arm of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India to facilitate foreign investment flows, promote bilateral trade, tourism, yoga and traditional Indian medicine, in coordination with Indian Missions/Posts abroad, Territorial Divisions of the Ministry of External Affairs, Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India, State Governments and foreign Missions/Posts in India.

This website aims to be a one-stop source of business information on India for readers, foreign enterprises and businesses, Indian business houses looking to expand their global footprint  and  State Governments for choosing their partners abroad for investment, technology cooperation and  state/city partnerships and to encourage trade and tourism.

The website provides snapshots on major economic indicators drawing a pen–picture of the Indian economy, its various sectors, and government policies and regulations and useful links to Indian trade promotion organizations. The website details GoI’s initiatives including those for improving the business environment, the most recent policy reforms and incentives aimed at attracting foreign investment. It also outlines the latest information and data specific to Indian states. This website will also act as a source for information on foreign countries, investment opportunities abroad, and information on Indian missions around the world for any investment related assistance. 

A section on World Resource endowments & opportunities provides the database depicting global supply and demand of resources such as minerals, materials, technologies, trade, agricultural exports and employment opportunities etc.  This section would be useful for Indian businesses, State Governments and readers to have easy access to view demand and supply side profiles of resources.

The goal of the ED website is to project ‘Brand India’ in a contemporary and comprehensive way by providing two-way information on Indian economy and business environment in India and its States for foreign enterprises as well as providing information on countries around the world for Indian businesses going abroad.