US$ 71.35mn
bilateral trade value for FY2020-21

US$ 217.2mn

FDI inflows from April 2000 to March 2021

Indians currently live in Seychelles


The nation offers investment opportunities in Blue Economy, ICT, Tourism, Energy, Real Estate and Agriculture


Located in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has excellent air and sea connectivity to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Renewable Energy

India has signed MoU on Renewable Energy Cooperation in 2015

Shipping and Oceanography

MoU for Cooperation in Hydrography and Blue economy have been signed

Civil Aviation

Agreements were signed on bilateral air services and direct air connectivity has boosted bilateral trade and investment


24% jump in tourist traffic to Seychelles from India in 2017


Both countries have signed cooperation agreements to boost agriculture

India's Exports and Imports to Seychelles

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority

(+91) 11 2651 3204, 2651 3219,

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3rd Floor, NCUI Building, 3 Siri Institutional Area, August Kranti Marg, (Opp. Asiad Village), New Delhi - 110 016, India

Seychelles Chamber of Commerce & Industry

(+248) 432 3812

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Seychelles Chamber Of Commerce & Industry H.I.S House, Providence Industrial Estate, Mahe, Seychelles

Federation of Indian Chambersof Commerce & Industry

(+91) 11 2373 8760 / 61 / 62 / ... / 70

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FICCI Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, 110001

High Commission of India, Victoria, Seychellles


(+248) 467 4100

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Commercial Representative

(+248) 467 4125, 280 3770

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Second Secretary (Pol/PIC) & Commerce

Commercial Representative

(+248) 467 4114, 281 2888

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Attache (PIC)


Agricultural exports

    Beer made from malt (220300)
    Waters, incl. min. waters & aerated waters, cont. added sugar/oth. sweeteni … (220210)
    Whiskies (220830)
    Wine other than sparkling wine of fresh grapes, incl. fortified; grape must with fermentation prevented/arrested by the addition of alcohol, in containters of >10 l (220429)

    Cuts & edible offal of species Gallus domesticus, frozen (020714)
    Meat of bovine animals, frozen, boneless (020230)

    Sweet biscuits (190531)

    Semi-milled/wholly milled rice, whether or not polished/glazed (100630)

    Cheese (excl. of 0406.10-0406.40) (040690)
    Milk in powder/granules/oth. solid form, sweetened, fat content by wt. >1.5 … (040229)

    Production – 167,000 tonnes (Granite, Crusher Dust)


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Seychelles
  • Nuts
  • Ferrous waste
  • Scrap
India's top export to Seychelles
  • Food items such as rice, maize, meat and miscellaneous food products
  • Cement (Portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement, supersulphate cement etc.)
  • Wall tiles, glazed ceramic tiles
  • Medicines, instruments and appliances for medical, surgical & dental use
  • Hardware items, insulated cables, wires
  • Electrical conductors with or without connectors
  • Optical fibre cables
  • Tubes, plumbing and pipe fittings (couplings, elbows, sleeves etc.) of iron or steel
  • Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood
  • Linen and cotton
  • Vehicles and associated transport equipments

Bilateral Investors

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