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US$ 1.95mn
FDI inflows to India from April 2000-March 2021

US$ 808.93mn

bilateral trade value for 2020-21

Overseas Indians are in Yemen, mostly involved in trade

Agriculture & Fishing

activities contribute more than 20% to the nation GDP and are major job creators.

Agro allied

Yemen's large agricultural and fishing sectors have opened up opportunities for investment in capacity building and tarining.

India's Exports and Imports to Yemen

General Investment Authority


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P.O Box: 19022 Hadda Street, Opposite to Al-Rahman Mosque, Beside Shammr Tourist & Trading, Sanaa, Republic of Yemen

Indian Trade Promotion Organisation


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Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan New Delhi-110001 (INDIA)

Export-Import Bank of India


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Centre One Building, Floor 21, World Trade Centre Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005

Embassy of India, Djibouti


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B.P. Lot Salines ouest theatre,
lot G 32-B-1-14, Djibouti, Landmark : (Nougaprix Super Marché / Abdan Laboratory).

Commercial Representative


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 Second Secretary


Agricultural exports

    Waters, incl. min. waters & aerated waters, cont. added sugar/oth. sweeteni … (220210)


    Meat of fowls of species Gallus domesticus, not cut in pieces, frozen (020712)
    Prpd/ prsvd meat, meat ofal/ blood of fwls of the spcs galus dmstcs (160232)


    Sweet biscuits (190531)


    Maize (corn), other than seed (100590)
    Semi-milled/wholly milled rice, whether or not polished/glazed (100630)
    Wheat/meslin flour (110100)


    Cheese (excl. of 0406.10-0406.40) (040690)
    Milk in powder/granules/oth. solid form, fat content by wt. not >1.5% (040210)


    OTHER CANE SUGAR: (170114)


    Fish; fresh or chilled, tuna, n.e.c. in item no. 0302.3, excluding fillet, livers, roes, and other fish meat of heading 0304 (030239)
    Fish; frozen, tuna, n.e.c. in item no. 0303.4, excluding fillet, livers, roes, and other fish meat of heading 0304 (030349)
    Other prepared or preserved fish (160420)
    Tunas skpjack/ atlntic bonto (sarda sp) whole/ piecs but not minced prpd/ prsvd (160414)


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Yemen
  • Oil and gas products
  • Lead and articles
  • Raw hides and skins
  • Limestone
India's top export to Yemen
  • Petroleum and products
  • Cereals, rice, wheat, tea and sugar
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Spices, tobacco, meat and meat products

Bilateral Investors

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