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US$ 527.4mn
FDI inflow into India from April 2000 - March 2021


Total bilateral trade during FY2020-21

Overseas Indians represent 3% of South Africa’s population

Concurrent Accreditation The Mission in South Africa also handles India's bilateral relations with Lesotho


South Africa is the economic powerhouse of Africa and is member of the BRICS group of countries with Brazil, Russia, India and China


2nd largest economy in Africa after Nigeria, backed by vast capacity in mining and potential in energy


Trade between India and South Africa has been on the up-swing, and crossed the US$10 b mark in 2017-18

Precious metals

Discovery of diamonds in 1867 and gold in 1884 started mineral revolution and increased economic growth


Annually about 120,000 Indian tourists visit South Africa while around 60,000 South African tourists visit India

India's Exports and Imports to South Africa

Indian Trade Promotion Organisation


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Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan New Delhi-110001 (INDIA)

Export-Import Bank of India


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Centre One Building, Floor 21, World Trade Centre Complex, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005.

South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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18 Hurlingham Rd, Illovo, Sandton, 2196, South Africa

Indo-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry

+91-22-4060-6162; 2282-2009

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81/82, Mittal Court, 'C' Wing, 8th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021

International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa


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Meintjies St, Trevenna, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa

Trade and Investment South Africa


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The DTI, 77 Meintjies Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0002

High Commission of India, Pretoria


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852, Francis Baard Street
Corner of Frances Baard Street and Eastwood Street
Arcadia – 0083
South Africa

Postal Address:
Post Box No. 40216
Arcadia – 0007
South Africa

Consulate General of India, Cape Town

+27-21-419-8110; 419-8111

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The Terraces, 8th Floor
34 Bree Street
Cape Town 8001
South Africa

Fax: +27 21 419 8112

Consulate General of India, Durban


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Address :
Physical Address:1 Kingsmead Boulvard (2nd Floor)
Kingsmead Office Park
Durban 4001
South Africa

Postal Address :
P O BOX 3276
Durban 4000
South Africa
Fax: +27 31 332 7008

Consulate General of India, Johannesburg


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Address :
No.1, Eton Road
(Corner Jan Smuts Avenue & Eton Road) Park Town 2193
PO Box 6805
Johannesburg 2000
South Africa

Fax: +27 11 482 4648/482 8492

Commercial Representative


Ms Anju Ranjan

Commercial Representative


Shri Anuj Kumar Gupta
Commercial Representative/HOC

Commercial Representative


Bhupendra singh
First Secretary (Eco& C.A)

Commercial Representative


Sudhir Mannie
Marketing Executive


Agricultural exports

    Beer made from malt (220300)
    Waters, incl. min. waters & aerated waters, cont. added sugar/oth. sweeteni … (220210)
    Whiskies (220830)


    Cuts & edible offal of species Gallus domesticus, frozen (020714)
    Guts, bladders & stomachs of animals (other than fish), whole & pieces ther … (050400)
    Meat of fowls of species Gallus domesticus, not cut in pieces, frozen (020712)
    Meat of swine (excl. carcasses/half-carcasses/hams/shoulders & cuts thereof ), froxen (020329)


    Maize (corn), other than seed (100590)
    Semi-milled/wholly milled rice, whether or not polished/glazed (100630)


    Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa (excl. of 1806.20-1806.32) (180690)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)
    Preparations for infant use, put up for RS (190110)
    Preparations of fruit (excl. citrus fruit; excl. homogenized), obt. by cook … (200799)
    Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. … (210390)
    Whey & modified whey, whether or not concentrated/sweetened (040410)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)
    Mixes & doughs for the preparation of bakers’ wares of 19.05 (190120)
    Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. … (210390)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)
    Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. … (210390)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)


    OTHER CANE SUGAR: (170114)


    Broken rice (100640)

Employment Opportunities

*Information subject to changes amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

General Work Visas are issued to foreigners where it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that South African citizens and permanent residents with the relevant qualifications or skills and experience are not available for appointment.

The South African Indian origin community numbers around 1.5 mn and constitutes about 3% of South Africa’s total population. South Africans of Indian origin are well-represented in Government, business, media, legal and other professions. The year 2010 marked the 150th anniversary of the first arrival of Indians in South Africa.

Types of Temporary Residency Visas: http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/immigration-services/types-of-temporary-permits

More info: Applying for a South African Visa Immigration Critical Skills Visa

    Public and private infrastructure building, maintenance

    Rapid growth in industrial and commercial activity has led to steady investment in infrastructure and connectivity projects. Construction of civic infrastructure and connectivity projects has been supported by foreign workers at different levels in South Africa. Increasingly, work permits are provided only for critical skills.

    Department of Public WorksGeneral Work Permit

    Conventional energy, power utilities and renewable energy jobs

    South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) aims to set up an energy sector by 2030 that would promote economic growth. Power utilities to renewable energy services employ foreign resources and manpower in small numbers. Increasingly, work permits are provided only for critical skills.

    Department of EnergyGeneral Work Permit

    Tax, accounting, banking, insurance, audit and other financial services

    South Africa has launched the second phase of the Financial Sector Development and Reform Program (FSDRP) that will seek to boost financial inclusion while strengthening the financial services sector over five years. Financial services in South Africa are supported by foreign workers at different capacities. Increasingly, work permits are provided only for intra company transfer or critical skills.

    National TreasuryGeneral Work Permit

    Doctors, nurses, radiologists, lab technicians

    South Africa has made strong strides in combating HIV and AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) with active international cooperation. Public Health Services are inadequate but SA has not decided to allow foreign Doctors, Nurses etc. to work in large numbers

    Department of HealthGeneral Work Permit

    Culinary, server, personalcare, hotel, tour and travel staffing

    South Africa’s travel and tourism sector contributed over US$28.5 billion to the national economy in 2018. The hospitality sector in South Africa, ranging from hotels to tourism to personal care, employs large number of foreign workers. SA Government is becoming increasingly reluctant to continue work permits of Chefs etc. which are not considered critical skills

    National Department of TourismGeneral Work Permit

    Software, hardware, new technology in telecoms and communications

    The contribution of the ICT sector in South Africa to the national GDP has been estimated at 2.7%. The IT and ICT infrastructure in South Africa has been set up and is supported by foreign workers. It is getting increasingly difficult to obtain work permit except under Intra company Transfer category.

    Department Of Telecommunications & Postal ServicesGeneral Work Permit

    Automobile to food products production

    Manufacturing is core to the South African government’s plan to upgrade the economy and make it future ready. The manufacturing industry in South Africa, covering a range of products, dr Increasingly, work permits are provided only for intra company transfer or critical skills.aws foreign manpower.

    Department of Trade & IndustryGeneral Work Permit

    Production: 604.0 kilo ton (2017)
    Exports: 471 kilo ton, 12.2 billion ZAR  (2017)


    Production: 16.5 tonnes (2017)

    Reserve: 3.1 billion tons (2017)
    Export: 4,717 kilo tons / ZAR 12586563 (2017)


    Production: 260.1 tonnes (2017)

    Reserve: 66 700 tonnes (2017)
    Export: 79.8 tonnes / ZAR: 69 788 115 (2017)


    Production: 66 kilotons (2017)

    Reserve: 11 tonne (2017)
    Export: 30 kilotons / ZAR: 2,207,458 (2017)


    Production: Crude Petroleum – 31,145 tons
    Production: (Refineries) 503,000 barrels/day
    Reserve: 15 million barrels


    Production: 116,705 tons


    Production: 218 kilotons (2017)
    Export: 233 kilotons (2017)


    Weight: 16,45 Index of the volume of mining production (Oct-Dec 2019)


    Production: 68 tonnes (2017)
    Reserve: 770 tonnes (2017)
    Export: 65.0 tonnes / ZAR 44,333,905 (2017)


    Production: 48 kilotons (2017)

    Reserve: 0.3 million tons (2017)
    Export: 55 kilotons / ZAR 1,419,829 (2017)


    Production: 5,323,500 tons


    Manganese Ore:
    Reserves: 200 tonnes (2017)
    Production: 14.1 tonnes (2017)
    Exports: 13.4 tonnes / ZAR 30 403 (2017)


    Production: 49 kilotons (2017)

    Reserve: 3 700 kilotons (2017)
    Export: 36.8 kilotons / ZAR: 133,785 (2017)


    Production: 503,000 barrels/day


    Phosphate Rock

    Production: 2,078 kilo tons (2017)
    Export: 683 kilo tons (2017)


    Production: 260.3 tons (2017)
    Export: 251.4 tons / ZAR: 85 069.2 (2017)


    Production: 3,200,000 tons


    Production: 492,844 tons


    Production: 256 700 tons
    Export: 156 kilo tons/ ZAR 222 million (2017)


    Production: 2 288 kilo tons (2017)

    Reserve: 71.3 million tons (2017)
    Export: 419 kilo tons / ZAR 1,432 (2017)


    Production: 14.2 kilo tons (2017)
    Export: 9.8 kilo tons / ZAR 2,757 (2017)


    Production: 31 kilotons (2017)

    Reserve: 15 million tons (2017)
    Export: 32 kilotons / ZAR: 990,268 (2017)


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from South Africa
  • Gold
  • Steam coal
  • Copper ores & concentrates
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Aluminium ingots and other minerals.
India's top export to South Africa
  • Vehicles and components
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Engineering goods
  • Dyes and intermediates
  • Gems and jewellery

Bilateral Investors

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