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US$ 0.06mn
FDI inflow from April 2000 to March 2021

US$ 19.4mn

bilateral trade value for 2020-2021

Indians living in Mongolia


Mongolia is extremely rich in natural resources such as gold, copper, iron ore, coal, crude petroleum, uranium, aluminium


Strong demand for premium, organic meat from Mongolia

Luxury Retail

Good market for luxury fashion brands in Ulaanbaatar


Mongolian soil is rich in nutrients and offers a fertile ground for investment in agriculture


Significant potential for investment in the renewable energy sector


Promoting investment into sustainable development projects and innovative technologies


Adventure Tourism is a big draw for the sector in Mongolia


Focus on Railway and Highway infrastructure development projects

India's Exports and Imports to Mongolia

Invest in Mongolia

(+976) 51 263333

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Government Building 2, United Nations Street 5/1, Ulaanbaatar 15160

Embassy of India, Mongolia

(+976) 11 329522, 329524, 329528

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Zaluuchuudyn Urgun Chuluu 10
C.P.O. Box. No. 691
Ulaanbaatar 14190

Commercial Representative

(+976) 11 329522

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First Secretary, HOC


Agricultural exports


    Production: 50.83 million tons (2019)
    Export: 35.5 million tons (2019)
    Export: US$ 3,074.4 million


    Copper concentrate:
    Production: 1.26 million tons (2019)
    Export: 1,403.6 thousand tons (2019)
    Export: US$ 1,795.9 Million


    Production: 16.25 tons
    Export: 9,069.5 kgs
    Export value : US$ 418.4 million


    Production: 8.57 million tons
    Export: 8,448.8 thousand tons / US$ 576.6 million


    Production: 5.30 thousand tons (2019)
    Export: 5,689.5 tons / US$ 49.0 million


    Zinc Ore:
    Production: 83.09 thousand tons (2019)
    Export: 134.8 thousand tons (2019) / US$ 189 million


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Mongolia
  • Raw cashmere
  • Bitumen
  • Asphalt
  • Feldspar
  • Leucite
  • Mechanical appliances
India's top export to Mongolia
  • Medicines
  • Mining machinery
  • Auto parts
  • Beauty care products
  • Polarimeters, Refractometers, Spectrometers
  • Mechanical equipment

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