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US$ 395.68 mn
LoC extended to Malawi from India

US$ 150.42 mn

Export value in 2021-2022

Overseas Indians living in Malawi

Rich Resources

Malawi has deposits of precious stones, bauxite, asbestos, graphite and uranium


most important cash crop is tea and Malawi is Africa’s second largest producer


is a major export from Malawi

Free Trade areas

and trade agreements covering Comesa, SADC, EU and USA markets through AGOA.

Trade Agreements

Malawi is signatory to a number of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements that provide preferential access to world markets under COMESA, SADC, EU and AGOA

India's Exports and Imports to Malawi

Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry


(+265) 1 871988 / 813

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Masauko Chipembere Highway Chichiri Trade Fair Ground P. O. Box 258, Blantyre, Malaw

High Commission of India, Lilongwe. Malawi

00265-1-750011, 750014, 755348, 755337, 759 337

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Plot No. 55, Area 9
Post Box No. 1482, Lilongwe. Malawi


Agricultural exports

    Sugar confectionery other than chewing gum (incl. white chocolate), not con … (170490)


    Maize (corn), other than seed (100590)
    Maize (corn), seed (100510)
    Other durum wheat excl seed (100119)
    Other wheat and meslin (100199)


    Undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol. (220710)


    Milk in powder/granules/oth. solid form, fat content by wt. not >1.5% (040210)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)


    Active yeasts (210210)
    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)


    Peas (pisum sativum), dried, shelled, whether or not skinned/split (071310)


    Fish; dried, whether or not salted but not smoked, other than edible fish offal, other than cod (Gadus morhua, Gadus ogac, Gadus macrocephalus) (030559)
    Fish; fresh or chilled, tilapias (Oreochromis spp.), excluding fillets, liver, roes, and other fish meat of heading 0304 (030271)
    Flours, meals and pellets, of fish or of crustaceans, mouluscs or other aquatic invertebrates (230120)
    Homogenised preparations (160210)
    Sardines srdnella and brislng/sprts whole or in pieces but not minced prpd/prsvd (160413)


    Production: 243,075 tonnes


    Production: 54,728 tonnes
    Exports: MWK 15.87 million (US$ 21,544.08)
    Reserves: 2,470 million tons


    Production: 2,643 tonnes
    Export: US$ 173,302.92 (MWK 127.66 million)


    Production: 2,947,253.3 tonnes (Rock aggregate – limestone, granite, quartzite, and gravel)
    Production: 4,900.61 million Kwacha (Value)


    Production: Agricultural Lime – 52,816.50 tonnes


    Production: 1,753 tonnes


    Reserve – 12 million tons


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Malawi
  • Pulses
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Sugar
  • Tobacco
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Macadamia nuts
India's top export to Malawi
  • Textile yarns
  • Fabrics
  • Transport equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Machinery
  • Iron and steel

Bilateral Investors

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