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US$ 510.14mn
FDI from April 2000 to December 2020

US$ 997.56mn

Bilateral trade for 2020-2021

Overseas Indians living in Finland

Concurrent Accreditation The Mission in Finland also handles India's bilateral relations with Estonia


most secure in the world, according to World Economic Forum global competitiveness report 2017-2018

ICT & Digitilization

Finland is a true ICT superpower and a leader in digital technologies with cutting edge solutions in 5G, Cyber security, Clean-tech and Bio technology as well


Finland has a healthy start-up environment with new businesses in gaming, electronics, software, and healthcare

Travel & Tourism

A true global hotspot for business and leisure travel, Finland is one of the safest places in the world

Trade routes

Finland has well established trade routes connecting Nordic and Baltic countries, EU, Russia and Asia, through an extensive network of roads, railways, waterways, canals and sea lanes

India's Exports and Imports to Finland

Invest in Finland


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Invest in Finland, Business Finland Porkkalankatu 1 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Embassy of India, Helsinki


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32 Kulosaarentie, 00570, Helsinki


Agricultural exports

    Sparkling wine of fresh grapes (220410)
    Wine other than sparkling wine of fresh grapes, incl. fortified; grape must with fermentation prevented/arrested by the addition of alcohol, in containters of 2 l/less (220421)


    Bread, pastry, cakes, biscuits & oth. bakers’ wares n.e.s. in Ch.19, whethe … (190590)
    Sugar confectionery other than chewing gum (incl. white chocolate), not con … (170490)


    Malt extract; oth. food preps. of flour/groats/meal/starch/malt extact [see … (190190)


    Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa (excl. of 1806.20-1806.32) (180690)


    Cheese (excl. of 0406.10-0406.40) (040690)
    Fresh (unripened/uncured) cheese, incl. whey cheese, & curd (040610)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)
    Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. … (210390)


    Live plants, n.e.s., incl. their roots; mushroom spawn (060290)
    Tomatoes, fresh/chilled (070200)


    Crustacean preparation; shrimps and prawns, prepared or preserved, not in airtight containers
    Fish – fresh or chilled, atlantic salmon (Salmon salar) and darube salmon (huncho) excluding fillet, livers, roes and other fish meat
    Fish preparation; fish prepared or preserved, whole or in pieces (but not minced)
    Fish preparations – tuna, skipjack and atlantic bonito (sarda spp.), prepared or preserved, whole or in pieces (but not minced)
    Fish, fresh or chilled, trout (salmon trutta, oncorhynchus mykiss, Oncorhynchus clarki, Oncorhynchus aguabonita, Oncorhynchus gilae, Oncorhynchus apache and Oncorhynchus chrysogaster) excluding fillet, liver, roes and other fish meat


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Finland
  • Electrical machinery and equipment
  • Nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Iron and steel
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances
  • Pulp of wood and other fibrous cellulosic material,
  • Vehicles and transport equipment
India's top export to Finland
  • Electronic goods
  • Mineral fuels and mineral oils
  • Ready-made garments, cotton including accessories
  • Pharmaceuticals & fine chemicals,
  • Articles of iron and steel,
  • Coffee, rubber
  • Organic chemicals
  • Nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances

Bilateral Investors

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