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US$ 0.57mn
FDI inflows to India from April 2000-December 2020

US$ 444.50mn

is bilateral trade value for 2020-2021

Overseas Indians living in Democratic Republic of Congo

Concurrent Accreditation The Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo also handles India's bilateral relations with Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and Gabon

Special Economic Zones

to promote investment

Rich in natural resources

such as cobalt, copper, diamonds, gold, silver, zinc, manganese, tin, germanium, uranium, radium, bauxite, and iron ore, coal, hydro-power and timber.


is one of the priorities of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo


The DRC offers several investment opportunities in the agricultural sector from production to marketing

India's Exports and Imports to Democratic Republic of Congo

DR Congo Investment Promotion Agency


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33C, Boulevard du 30 Juin, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo

Embassy of India, Kinshasa



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18-B, Avenue Batetela,
C/Gombe, Kinshasa
Concurrently accredited to Republic of Congo, Gabon and Central African Republic.

Commercial Representative


Shri Sanjeev Kumar
Second Secretary (Com)



    Production: 15,381,397 tonnes

    Reserve: 4,500,000 tonnes
    Export: 52,500 tonnes

    Reserves: 75,000,000 tonnes
    Production: 1,393,620.23 tonnes
    Export: 597,200 tonnes

    Production: 27,984,370.25 carats

    Reserve: 206,000,000 carats
    Export: 15,635,447.46 carats

    Production: 33,512.37 kgs

    Reserve: 600 tonnes
    Export: 32,000 kgs

    Production: 2.09 million barrels

    Reserve: 180 million barrels
    Export: 1.9 millions barrels

Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Ores
  • Slag and ash
  • Natural or cultured pearls
  • Precious or semi precious stones
  • Copper and other base metals
India's top export to Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Vehicles and vehicle parts
  • Mechanical appliances
  • Plastic
  • Electrical machinery and equipment
  • Cotton

Bilateral Investors

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