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US$ 13.57mn
FDI inflows to India from April 2000-March 2021

US$ 446.41 mn

Bilateral trade value in 2021-2022

Overseas Indians living in Belarus

Skilled Human Resource

Belarus has high-quality human resources and strong scientific and technological establishment


access to the market of EEU countries

Information Technology

61 of world's 200 largest Fortune companies such as Apple, Intel, IBM, Exxon Mobile, Facebook and others use services of Belarusian IT companies

Competitive Investment and Taxation System

Income tax till 5 years is 0 per cent. Post 5 years, tax is reduced by 50 per cent


The market of medical services equipment and medicines in Belarus and EAEU countries is growing steadily

India's Exports and Imports to Belarus

National Investment Agency, Belarus

+375-17 200 8175

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14 Bersona Street, Minsk, 220030

Belarusian Chamber of Commerce& Industry

+375-17 290 7249

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11, Kommunisticheskaya St., Minsk, 220029

Embassy of India, Minsk, Belarus


+375-17 2629399

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63 Sobinova Str.
220040 Minsk

Commercial Representative

+375-17 3775027

Vishav Pal
Second Secretary (HOC) & Commercial Officer

Commercial Representative

+375-17 3775027

Andrei Tsibulski
Commercial Assistant


Agricultural exports

    Sugar confectionery other than chewing gum (incl. white chocolate), not con … (170490)


    Malt extract; oth. food preps. of flour/groats/meal/starch/malt extact [see … (190190)


    Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa (excl. of 1806.20-1806.32) (180690)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)
    Preparations for infant use, put up for rs (190110)
    Prepared foods obt. by the swelling/roasting of cereals/cereal prods. (190410)
    Sauces & preps. therefor, n.e.s.; mixed condiments & mixed seasonings, n.e. … (210390)
    Soups & broths & preps. therefor (210410)


    ROSES (060311)


    Food preps., n.e.s. (210690)


    Apples, fresh (080810)
    Live plants, n.e.s., incl. their roots; mushroom spawn (060290)
    OTHER CANE SUGAR: (170114)
    Peaches, incl. nectarines, fresh (080930)
    Pears- fresh (080830)
    Strawberries, fresh (081010)
    Tomatoes, fresh/chilled (070200)


    Fish fillets; frozen, herrings (Clupea harengus,
    Clupea pallasil) (030486)
    Fish; fresh or chilled, trout (Salmo
    trutta,Oncorhynchus mykiss,Oncorhynchus clarki, Oncorhynchus aguabonita, Oncorhynchus gilae, Oncorhynchus apache and
    chrysogaster), excluding fillets, livers , roes and other fish meat of heading 0304 (030211)
    Fish; frozen, Iivers and roes (030390)
    Fish; frozen, mackerel (Scomber scombrus, Scomber australasicus Scomber japonicus), excluding fillets, Iivers,roes, and other fish meat of heading 0304 (030354)
    Fish: fresh or chilled, Atlantic salmon
    (Salmo salar) and Danube salmon (Hu
    hucho), excluding fillets, Iivers, roes, and
    other fish meat of heading 0304


    Production : 870,000 tonnes

    USGS Reportusgs.gov

    Production: 2,893,500 tons

    Export: US$ 1.94 billion (approximately)

    Production: 7,346,100 tons

    Production: 2,904,097  tons

    Production: 25,72,862 tons

Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Belarus
  • Potash fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizers
  • Nylon cord materials for tyres
  • Artificial threads
  • Hot rolled rods
  • Rubber wastes/off-cuts and scrap
  • Raw iron or alloy-free steel
  • Pneumatic rubber tyres and tubes
  • Polycarboxilic acids and their anhydrides
India's top export to Belarus
  • Medicines
  • Antibiotics
  • Raw tobacco and tobacco wastes
  • Cotton yarn
  • Electric transformers
  • Extracts of coffee/tea
  • Rice
  • Ferrous metal goods

Bilateral Investors

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