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US$ 2.57mn
FDI inflows to India from April 2000-March 2021

US$ 554.47 mn

Exports from Afghanistan to India in 2021-2022

US$ 510.93 mn
Imports from Afghanistan to India in 2021-2022


Afghan students in India

Gas, oil and minerals

offer high potential prospects for extraction


Indians living in Afghanistan presently


Afghanistan's GDP in 2021 stood at US$ 14,786.86 Mn

India's Exports and Imports to Afghanistan

Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce & Investment

+93 700 297 718

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Chaman-e Hozuri, Next to Kabul Nendari, Kabul, Afghansitan.

Invest in Afghanistan

+93 728 991 002

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Invest India


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Vigyan Bhavan Annexe, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi 110001

Embassy of India, Kabul

00-873-763095560 (satellite tel), 00-93-20-2200185

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Wazir Akbar Khan
Kabul, Afghanistan

Commercial Representative


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Second Secretary

Commercial Representative

+93 702222085 / WhatsApp No. +91-9999400392

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Ramesh Kamra

Vice Consul (Admin, DDO & Com)

Commercial Representative


+93 700320746

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Shri Deepankar

Consul(Cons & Com), Head of Chancery


Agricultural exports

    Non-alcoholic beverages other than waters of 2202.10 (not incl. fruit/veg. … (220290)


    Birds’ eggs, in shell, fresh/presvd./cooked (040700)


    Sugr refind contng flvrng or clrng matter (170191)


    Wheat/meslin flour (110100)
    Malt extract; oth. food preps. of flour/groats/meal/starch/malt extact [see … (190190)


    Chocolate & oth. food preps. cont. cocoa (excl. of 1806.20-1806.32) (180690)


    Milk & cream, concentrated (excl. in powder), unsweetened (040291)
    Milk in powder/granules/oth. solid form, fat content by wt. not >1.5% (040210)


    Bananas, incl. plantains, fresh/dried (080300)
    Vegetables, n.e.s., fresh/chilled (070990)


    Beans of the species Vigna mungo (L.)/Hepper/Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek, dr … (071331)


Priority Sectors

Here are the leading sectors of opportunities for foreign investors

Top Import/ Export Items

India's top import from Afghanistan
  • Gold
  • Spices
  • Fruits and nuts
  • Construction stones
  • Wool
  • Gums and resin
India's top export to Afghanistan
  • Fabric and clothing
  • Pharmaceutical products and equipment
  • Tobacco products
  • Consumer appliances
  • Heavy machinery

Bilateral Investors

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