Software exports from four IT special economic zones grow to US$ 230.8 million

The 52% growth in services exports was facilitated by increased demand for digital support, cloud services, and infrastructure modernization

April 16, 2022

Exports from the TCS SEZ are seen to have grown by 60% over the previous fiscal year.

Crystal IT Park SEZ’s exports during the period were registered at US$ 78.26 million.

Exports from the Infosys SEZ grew to US$ 18.05 million, registering a 96% growth during the fiscal year.

49% of the total services exports in 2021-22 were contributed by the computer services space.

Four Special Economic Zones (SEZs) including Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and Crystal IT Park SEZ have contributed to US$ 230.8 million (Rs 1,761.19 crore) worth of software exports in the previous fiscal year, marking a 52% growth. The exports for the 2020-21 period were documented at US$ 152.2 million (Rs 1,161.40 crore). An official from the Central Commercial and Industries Ministry observed that the export volume from the TCS SEZ increased by 60% in the previous fiscal year, registering at US$ 113.6 million (Rs 867.35 crore). Exports from the Crystal IT Park SEZ grew to US$ 78.26 million (Rs 597.12 crore), registering a 32% growth during the period. Exports from the Infosys SEZ are seen to have grown to US$ 18.05 million (Rs 137.72 crore), registering a 96% growth during the fiscal year. 

The Economic Survey 2021-2022 documents that 49% of the total services exports during the period were characterized by computer services. Services exports took on a trajectory of growth during the second and third quarters of the fiscal year, touching US$ 60 billion in the latter quarter. The increase in demand for cloud services, infrastructure modernization, and digital support is seen to have contributed to the uptick in computer services exports. The August-September 2021 period saw the Computer Software and Hardware sector attract US$ 7.1 billion worth of FDI equity inflows. 

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