PM Modi highlights India’s role as peace promoter during Austria visit

This visit marks the first by an Indian Prime Minister to Austria in 41 years, coinciding with the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two nations

July 11, 2024

Prime Minister Modi emphasised India's contribution of 'Buddha' (peace) over 'Yuddha' (war), highlighting its role in promoting global peace and prosperity

He highlighted the shared democratic values between India and Austria, including liberty, equality, pluralism, and respect for the rule of law

Modi shared a vision for India to become a developed nation by 2047, aiming to be among the top three global economies

Modi discussed potential collaborations between India and Austria in green growth and innovation, leveraging India’s growth trajectory and startup ecosystem

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Wednesday that India has historically contributed ‘Buddha’ to the world, symbolising peace and prosperity, rather than ‘Yuddha’ (war). He emphasised that this legacy strengthens India’s role in the 21st century.

He noted that for thousands of years, India has shared its knowledge and expertise, offering peace and prosperity to the world. He said this is why India is poised to strengthen its global role in the current century. Modi made these remarks while addressing the Indian diaspora in Vienna during his two-day visit to Austria.

This visit to Austria is the first by an Indian Prime Minister in 41 years, as India and Austria celebrate 75 years of diplomatic relations. Modi described his visit as meaningful, ending a long wait on this historic occasion.

Modi highlighted the deep democratic connections between India and Austria, noting that despite geographical distances, the two countries share values such as liberty, equality, pluralism, and respect for the rule of law. He remarked that both societies are multicultural and multilingual, with a shared habit of celebrating diversity.

Reflecting on India’s recent general elections, Modi praised the country’s robust electoral machinery. The country managed the world’s largest democratic exercise smoothly and efficiently, with 650 million people voting and results declared within hours.

Modi shared his vision for India’s future, stating that by 2047, India would celebrate 100 years of its independence as a developed nation. He projected that India, currently growing at an 8% rate and in the fifth position globally, would soon be among the top three economies. This mission for 2047 aims to establish India as one of the top three global economies by the 100th anniversary of its independence.

He highlighted the potential for collaboration between India and Austria in green growth and innovation, leveraging India’s high growth trajectory and reputable startup ecosystem. Modi emphasised India’s role as a “Vishwabandhu,” contributing to global progress and well-being, urging the community to maintain cultural and emotional ties with India.

Modi expressed that relations between countries are not built solely by governments but through public participation. He considers the role of the Indian community important for strengthening these relationships.

Modi also mentioned Austria’s long-standing intellectual interest in Indian philosophy, languages, and thought. He noted that Sanskrit was taught at Vienna’s university around 200 years ago, and in 1880, an independent chair for Indology was established, which continues to foster a deep interest in India.

Earlier in the day, Modi held a delegation-level meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen. He also conducted a high-level business meeting in the country, arriving in Vienna from Moscow for his two-day visit to Austria.

Source: Indian Express

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