NTPC awards GE Steam Power $335M in contracts to reduce emissions

NTPC awards GE Steam Power $335M in contracts to significantly reduce emissions, and improve the overall air quality in India.

July 17, 2019

GE Steam Power to supply Wet FGD systems for three NTPC coal plants

Approximately 35 million cubic meters per hour of flue gas will be treated, reducing up to 108,400 tons of SO2 per year

Removed SO2 can be converted into gypsum by-product, for use in the construction industry

India set to achieve latest thermal power plant emission norms for SO2 with this latest development

GE Steam Power, industry leader in cleaner power generation, has been awarded three contracts from NTPC Limited, India’s largest energy conglomerate, to supply and install Wet Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) systems for a combined value of $335 million.

GE’s capabilities encompass design, engineering, civil works, supply, erection, and commissioning of these Wet FGD systems. In addition, GE’s scope includes ten years of operation and maintenance, including the supply of spare parts, for one of the three NTPC coal plants.

The combined impact of these three Wet FGD projects will help NTPC treat 35 million cubic meters per hour of flue gas. The construction sector of India will also benefit as the 108,400 tons per year of removed SO2 can be converted into a gypsum by-product for use in construction.

NTPC leads the industry in compliance with new emission standards through adoption of emission-control equipment. Technological advancements have helped emission management become not only a viable environmental measure but also a profitable means of resource generation. Prashant Jain, Managing Director of GE Power India Limited, believes that “SO2 emissions reduction systems will be instrumental in the transformation of power plants, and in helping to reduce their environmental impact”; an encouraging fact for India’s power generation.

In India, GE has been partnering with primary power producers like NTPC to offer advanced emission control technologies in high potential markets. These offerings are accompanied by service solutions designed to improve the efficiency and flexibility of the installed base, while lowering its environmental impact.

Currently, 15.28 GW of GE’s worldwide installed base of 167 GW lies in India, further strengthening its positions in the FGD market. This is an important step in India’s efforts towards lowering emission levels, with an impressive removal rate of up to 99 per cent of SO2 reduced.

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