Novartis launches Asia digital innovation hub in Hyderabad

The global pharmaceutical company, Novartis, announced the launch of its first Asian digital innovation hub in the emerging Indian IT hub of Hyderabad, aimed at developing digital healthcare innovations

February 19, 2020

The ‘Biome India’ centre will engage with startups on innovative digital healthcare solutions, expanding beyond research and development

The centre will enhance collaboration through access to expertise, data, and customised residency and mentoring programmes

By leveraging this ecosystem, Indian startups and innovators will create disruptive healthcare solutions through data and digital technologies

IT hub Hyderabad offers the infrastructure and talent availability to attract investments from companies around the world

The global pharmaceutical company, Novartis, announced the launch of its first Asian digital innovation hub in the emerging Indian IT hub of Hyderabad on February 19. The ‘Biome India’ centre will serve to expand Novartis’ existing presence in Hyderabad, beyond pharmaceutical research and development, to engage with startups on innovative digital solutions for the healthcare sector, as reported by The Hindu Business Line. 

As one of four Novartis facilities around the world dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative digital initiatives, the centre will connect India to the external healthcare ecosystem and create opportunities to collaborate on valuable, scalable digital solutions for stakeholders. These collaborations will also assist in accessing global information and expertise through data availability and bespoke residency and mentoring programmes. In a statement on the potential impact of this innovation hub, Head of Novartis Hyderabad, Naveen Gullapalli, addressed the opportunity to “leverage this ecosystem to work with startups and innovators” on disruptive healthcare solutions through data and digital technologies.

The Swiss company’s innovation centre is the latest example of India collaborating with other countries on enhancing digital solutions present within healthcare and pharmaceuticals. In December 2019, India and Sweden launched a platform to improve the affordability and accessibility of digital healthcare innovations with better doctor-patient connectivity. Contributing to the ‘Digital India’ movement, these solutions will play a vital role in attracting private and public sector investments, specifically with the rapid growth and expansion of Hyderabad as a technology and startup hub.

With a government focus on framing policies and establishing infrastructure that favours businesses, the Indian IT hub enjoys a competitive edge over other locations. Previously, the Minister of IT of Telangana, K.T. Rama Rao, had expressed satisfaction over Hyderabad competing with top innovation capitals around the world, owing to its rapid expansion and ability to attract high-quality talent from across India. In addition, Hyderabad’s environmental initiatives for sustainable infrastructure and smart mobility solutions further incentivise investments from global companies across sectors.

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