NITI Aayog and Flipkart collaborate to enhance Women Entrepreneurship Platform

The Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) is a consolidated portal bringing together women from different parts of the country to fulfil their entrepreneurial aspirations.

January 11, 2021

NITI Aayog & Flipkart have collaborated to promote and encourage women entrepreneurship in India.

In 2019, out of the 58.5 million businesses, 8.05 million (13.76%) were owned by women.

The vision is to make the community interactive and rewarding for women entrepreneurs in India.

The revamped WEP facilitates a suitable business ecosystem to encourage and empower women.

Empowering women entrepreneurs across the country, NITI Aayog and Flipkart have partnered to launch the revamped Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) aiming to enhance their community experience.  The WEP seeks to unite women from different parts of India to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. It will also facilitate mentorship to women with expertise and knowhow facilitated under FICCI-FLO’s Empowering the Greater 50% Mission. The vision behind this partnership is to make the community interactive and a rewarding platform so that entrepreneurs can use it for discussions and knowledge sharing which will benefit women entrepreneurs across the country.

The Women Entrepreneurship Platform is a unique platform, which works in collaboration with both public and private organisations to bring women entrepreneurs on a single platform focusing on their entrepreneurship schemes, initiatives, and programmes. It also enables sharing of best practices amongst women entrepreneurs and partner organisations and promotes evidence-based policy making. The recently rehabilitated version encourages entrepreneurs to share stories of their journey and share their experiences to nurture mutual learning. It also promotes offline initiatives and outreach programmes to promote entrepreneurial spirit among women. This will provide more power to women and enable a suitable ecosystem for their empowerment.

The challenges faced by women entrepreneurs are far more than those faced by men. Be it the lack of networking options to balancing work and home women face unique obstacles. Shared experiences from mentors and professionals further help. Community’ on the WEP platform aims to connect knowledge-seeking women entrepreneurs who have questions or seek clarifications on multiple aspects of setting up new businesses (like registering businesses, GST, funding, effects of the pandemic, etc.), or progressing already established businesses; to knowledge providing women entrepreneurs who have experience in setting up businesses. 

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