MeitY, Google to partner in ‘Digital India’

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and Google sign a statement of intent to establish a 'Build for Digital India' programme to develop market-ready, technology-based solutions.

August 31, 2019

The programme will help engineering students develop market-ready, tech-based solutions to key social problems

The programme focuses on areas of healthcare, agriculture, education, smart infrastructure, mobility, and more

Engineering students will take part in online and offline learning opportunities on relevant technologies

Google to offer mentorship sessions in product design, strategy and technology to the most promising products and prototypes

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and multinational technology company Google signed a statement of intent to initiate the ‘Build for Digital India’ programme, designed to empower engineering students through technology. The programme provides these students with a platform to develop market-ready, technology-based solutions that address key social problems.

According to news reports citing an official announcement, the ‘Build for Digital India’ programme targets a wide scope of focus areas, including healthcare, environment, agriculture, and education. It acknowledges the need for progress in terms of smart cities and infrastructure, women’s safety, smart mobility, accessibility, and digital literacy.

Engineering students from around the country will be invited to turn their innovative ideas into implementable solutions, taking part in both online and offline learning opportunities on key technologies. With the help of machine learning, cloud computing etc., the students will gain exposure to real world problems and develop deeper understandings of how technology can be used to solve them.

MeitY and Google will leverage Google’s Developer Student Club network along with other Google Developer networks in creating opportunities for the students in the programme. In addition to this, Google intends to award the programme’s most promising products and prototypes with mentorship sessions in product design, strategy, and technology.

Minister for Electronics, IT and Communications, Ravi Shankar Prasad praised the programme not only for motivating India’s finest students but also for helping produce technology solutions that tackle the country’s major social challenges. In line with this, Google Vice President for Government Affairs & Public Policy expressed a joint objective to “reach, inspire and equip today’s young engineers with the technical and entrepreneurial skills, and the mentorship they need to turn their bright ideas into tomorrow’s breakthrough solutions”. The ‘Build for Digital India’ initiative will serve as a vital catalyst in India’s digital growth and development, encouraging further investment into the sector.

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