Karnataka enabling knowledge sharing through its Global Innovation Alliance with other global tech hubs

Karnataka is weaving together a Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) with different innovation hubs in about 20 countries such as UK, Germany Australia, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, and France to facilitate a regular exchange of knowledge and ideas.

November 9, 2020

Karnataka has collaborated with other global innovation hubs to establish a Global Innovation Alliance to promote and exchange ideas.

GIA is an initiative of the Bengaluru Tech Summit, which will see the participation of over 100+ start-ups, 4000+ business delegates and over 40,000 visitors.

This initiative will focus on skilling, research & development and start-up cooperation, bolstering the state’s position in the IT, ET, S&T sector.

This will provide a platform to 50 start-ups and help them expand in the EU market, enabling the State government to sign 7 MoUs with GIA partners.

This GIA initiative is part of the Bengaluru Tech Summit-2020, which is Karnataka’s forerunner in technology events and start-up cooperation hosted from 19th November. 25 countries will participate in this event including nations like UK, Germany Australia, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland, and France etc. The deputy CM and minister for IT, BT, S&T, acknowledged Bengaluru as the fastest growing technology and start-up hub in the world, of the likes of Tokyo, New York, London, Beijing, Tel Aviv etc. This GIA will bolster Karnataka’s position in innovation, science & technology on a global platform.

This initiative focuses on skilling, research & development, and start-up cooperation. Other partner countries aim to showcase their respective progress in technology and futuristic innovations through the GIA sessions. Covering a gamut of sectors, be it Biotech, Healthcare, AgriTech FinTech, Food & Nutrition, Cybersecurity, among others or even ecosystem connects, exchange of ideas and people and deliberations on policy environment. It will also see government-to-government meetings and MoU’s to activate projects for skilling and R&D and start-ups. Countries will host technology sessions for ecosystem connects, exchange of ideas and people, and deliberations on policy environment. 

The summit will provide a platform to around 50 start-ups in India to provide them ability to expand and grow in European markets, and the State Government will sign 7 MoU’s with GIA partner institutions for cooperation in start-ups, research and skilling. The event is expected to see participation of a 100+ start-ups, 4000+ business delegates and over 40,000 visitors.

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