Indo-Japan military agreement aimed at joint bilateral exercises and reciprocal services signed

Indo-Pacific bilateral relations are expected to be strengthened by the Indo-Japan military agreement

September 10, 2020

Both countries will be allowed to use each other's military bases for purposes of re-stocking and repair.

Humanitarian operations, disaster mitigation exercises, peacekeeping exercises are to be jointly undertaken.

Reciprocal services include the providing of medical aid , transportation and communication aid.

Bilateral relations have manifested in infrastructure, civil-nuclear partnerships, cultural and economic collaborations.

A military agreement between India and Japan was signed today in the spirit of boosting bilateral cooperation in military training and the sharing of material and services on a reciprocal basis. With Sh Ajay Kumar, Union Defence Secretary and Suzuki Satoshi, Ambassador of Japan to India, the agreement will further bilateral commitment to ensuring amicable relations in the Indo-Pacific region. It will also allow the nations to utilise each other’s military bases for purposes of re-stocking and repair activities. For a span of ten years, the agreement will allow for both nations to participate in humanitarian operations, disaster mitigation exercises as well as peacekeeping missions authorised by the United Nations. A report citing official sources shared that medical aid , transportation and communication aid are part of the service that are to be shared on a reciprocal basis.

Maritime Expertise and safety in the Indo-Pacific region are integral to Indo-ASEAN relations. Experts have outlined the scope for the forging of Indo-ASEAN-Japan trilateral partnerships to strengthen connectivity, infrastructure development and security operations within the region. The Act East policy initiated by India can be expected to provide impetus to strengthen the quality of Indo-ASEAN relations in addition to identifying newer domains of collaboration. 

Indo-Japan relations have hitherto been facilitated in the domains of infrastructure partnerships, economic collaborations, cultural exchange as well as civil-nuclear partnerships. Defence and Indo-Pacific connectivity have become recent additions to the scope of bilateral relations. The first 2+2 Foreign and Defence Ministerial Meeting held in 2019, saw bilateral discussion pertaining to details of sovereignty in the Indo-Pacific region. The nations continue to jointly explore bilateral potential in healthcare through COVID-19 mitigation, environmental measures,  anti-terrorism initiatives and technological expertise.  India-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) which has been in place since August 2011 has allowed for the proliferation of trade and investment relations between the nations. The existing strategic partnership between India and Japan can expect to be deepened with continued engagement in multiple priority domains in the years to come.

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