India’s PC Market Posts Record 73% March Quarter Growth

The January-March 2021 quarter witnessed sales of 3.1 million personal computer units including laptops, desktops and notebooks

May 13, 2021

Notebooks contributed to 116.7% of the growth followed by the gradually recovering desktop space.

Vendors addressed domesticand international demand by adopting the hybrid model and bulk procurement.

The education system’s adoption of the digital model has fueled significant demand for laptops and notebooks.

HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Apple were the top five high-performing vendors in the segment.

According to the Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker, a report by the International Data Corporation, India’s personal computer market posted a hefty 73.1% year-on-year growth during January-March 2021. Fueled by the increased adoption of classroom e-learning, notebooks were the most in-demand product followed by desktops. The former contributed to 116.7%  of the market’s growth and a total of 3.1 million units were exported from India thereby marking a record high for first-quarter shipments. Vendors adapted to the hybrid workspace and often facilitated bulk purchases of units in order to cope with domestic demand. Commenting on the numbers, Bharath Shenoy, Market Analyst, PC Devices, IDC India said:  “The demand for virtual learning is still strong, alongside a stronger demand for affordable PCs. This is evident from the recovery of desktops in the consumer segment, which grew 49.5% YoY in 1Q21, despite the growing trend of notebooks replacing desktops.” The Worldwide Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker also ranked Hewlett Packard, Dell Technologies, Lenovo, Acer and Apple as the top five high-performing vendors in the country.

The Indian electronics market comprises five major segments: Computer Hardware, Mobiles, Industrial Electronics, Strategic Electronics and Consumer Electronics. The sector is also known for its R&D capacities, employing close to 900,000 professionals in partnership with major MNCs. Experts identify a few key concerns that will required to be addressed in order to push the growth of the sector : (i) improving ease of doing business, (ii) fixing gaps in the domestic supply chain, (iii) enhancing design capabilities, (iv) managing financial peculiarities, (v) roping in high-quality resources. Canalys Research posits that the PC market is expected to experience a further 8% growth in 2021, with the total volume of sales potentially reaching 496.8 million units by the end of the year.

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