India’s first Quantum Computing lab formed with AWS-MeitY PPP

The Quantum Computing Applications Lab will take inputs from government, academia and the scientific community to derive solutions for implementation-based roadblocks

January 19, 2021

Selected researchers will have the opportunity to work with Amazon Braket, a quantum computing dashboard.

Quantum computing can help maintain tighter levels of security around confidential and classified government information.

The COVID-19 pharmaceutical supply chain can also be improved through the use of parallel processing.

Breaking research silos, increasing the number of academic researchers are key to making implementation effective.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has embarked on a partnership with The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) to jointly develop a national Quantum Computing Applications Lab. The lab is to take inputs from Government sources, academia and the scientific community in identifying roadblocks to the implementation of quantum computing throughout the nation. As a result, solution-based approaches are to be derived in order to tackle them. Researchers who have been selected to join the programme can participate through Amazon Braket, a comprehensive quantum computing dashboard with requisite simulators and tools. Ajay Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY remarked on the development  “Enabling our scientific community with advanced technologies plays a key role towards scientific advancements and learning” Quantum computing is a part of a new wave of technology with far superior mechanisms to maintain data security. Therefore, there is potential to migrate the current repository of national knowledge pertaining to defence and security to quantum computing so as to prevent hacking. 

Prithwis De and Anil Kanungo assert that  Quantum computing can play an important role in tightening the current COVID-19 vaccine supply chain. Given that the technology operates on parallel processing, Quantum computing can aid researchers through the parallel testing of multiple molecular permutations to aid vaccine production. The technology can also aid the working of the larger supply chain through the identification of logistics and warehousing options in real-time. The implementation of Quantum Computing in India will require a scaling up of current competencies in manufacturing as well as hardware technology. The need for dedicated academic experts in quantum computing coupled with the breaking down of silos among research groups in the nation can help accelerate the implementation of the technology. Industry leaders also point to a majority of the expert population currently placed abroad owing to the availability of career opportunities. Furthermore, the availability of concrete funding options will aid the formation and strengthening of this vibrant and futuristic sub-sector. 

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