India’s digital public infra to be introduced in 50 countries: Nilekani

From August 25th to 27th, India hosted the three-day summit under the theme R.A.I.S.E—Responsible, Accelerated, Innovative, Sustainable, and Equitable Businesses

August 28, 2023

The B20 summit stands as the recognized G20 dialogue platform involving the worldwide business community

The B20 stands as one of the foremost Engagement Groups within the G20 framework, engaging companies and business organizations as active participants

The B20 functions through Task Forces (TFs) and Action Councils (ACs) that are tasked with formulating consensus-driven policy recommendations for international institutions

During the B20 Summit, the final recommendations are officially presented to the G20 Presidency

India’s digital public infrastructure (DPI) model will be introduced to 50 nations within the next five years, according to Nandan Nilekani, the chairman of Infosys and the founder chairman of the Aadhaar project, during his address at the B20 Summit.

A worldwide alliance of international organizations, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, guided by the Indian government, will collaboratively take part in this facilitation.

Nilekani emphasized that the forthcoming years will witness the widespread adoption of this approach to digital infrastructure on a population scale, leveraging an open architecture, in various parts of the world.

These DPIs will also play a pivotal role in addressing climate challenges, facilitating cash transfers to bolster vulnerable regions and individuals, and providing emergency funding in the aftermath of extreme climate incidents such as floods.

Nilekani further mentioned that DPIs also function as a data empowerment architecture, where the data generated through these platforms represents a form of “digital capital.” He mentioned that Individuals can leverage this digital capital to improve their lives—whether for securing loans, obtaining better job opportunities, or acquiring enhanced skills.

Furthermore, while numerous countries in the global South grapple with formalization challenges, India has effectively addressed this by adopting DPIs. 

Source: Economic Times

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