India-Australia taking bilateral trade, cybersecurity & AI inter alia, to new heights

Australia and India plan to take their bilateral ties to newer heights by working together in frontier technologies, as quoted by Australian PM Scott Morrison at the Bengaluru Tech Summit.

December 6, 2020

India and Australia signed a USD 12.7 million pact on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, internet of things etc. in June.

At the BTS2020, the two countries aim to work together in areas of space research, critical minerals, AI ,5G, quantum computing etc.

The fund will be aimed at supporting both Indian and Australian businesses and researchers to enhance cyber resilience.

Australia and India will work together for secure internet in various technologies under the theme ‘Next is Now’.

Australia and India aim to work together in the fields of advanced technology, including AI, IoT and cybersecurity after the two countries signed a US$ 12.7 million agreement in June

In July 2020, India and Australian Prime Ministers elevated the relationship between the two nations to a comprehensive strategic partnership via a virtual meet. At the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 (BTS2020), PM Scott Morrison said “India and Australia have unlimited possibilities of working together in space research, critical minerals, 5G, AI, quantum computing and much more and have signed the landmark Australia-India technology Framework Agreement on cyber and cyber enabled technology, aiming for an open, free, safe and secure internet”.

Bengaluru, the biggest technology cluster in India, and the 4th largest in the world, is home to India’s technology professionals and to at least 25 Australian companies as well. These Australian companies have employed thousands of professionals in Bengaluru and Indian companies are also growing their footprints in Australia, Morrison said the Australia India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF), Australia’s largest bilateral science firm with any country is already forging relationships with universities, research institutes and businesses. In the last 10 years, 30 AISRF clients have funded Australian and Bengaluru based universities for some pioneering research like quantum computing and astrophysics. The two countries plan to launch the Australia-India Cyber and Critical Technologies Partnership grant program

Technology holds the keys to the new science, medical research, reducing carbon emission, addressing the global climate crisis. It is at the forefront of foreign policy and defence, pushing the two nations towards new frontiers in governance, data protection, privacy and more. Going from strength to strength India and Australia share a deep desire to success and see the two countries prosper in peace and safety.

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