India and Sri Lanka fostering S&T collaboration

The decision comes after a call to develop a programme for S&T cooperation by the inter-governmental body India-Sri Lanka Joint Commission.

April 14, 2021

The research body consists of experts and scientists from both nations working in nine teams.

The research covers a wide range of subjects from food technology to information technology.

Collaborative support from governmental organisations of both nations is being extended to the proposals.

Additionally, both the nations are also supporting 27 joint research projects from different fields.

India and Sri Lanka will be collaborating to conduct focused research on food technology, plant-based medicines, metrology, space research and applications, robotics and automation, industrial electronics, renewable energy, waste management, information and communication technology. The research body consists of scientists from both nations working in nine teams. In this regard, the Department of Science and Education, Research & Innovation, Government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka are lending their collaborative support towards the call for the proposals from each of the research areas.

The conclusion of inter-governmental cooperation in Science & Technology between India and Sri Lanka in 2008 paved the way for the call for the proposal for research. Under the recommendation of the inter-governmental India-Sri Lanka Joint Commission for the development of a programme of cooperation in Science and Technology and the pinpointing of the mutual areas of interest such as the use of space technology for societal services using Indian satellites, during a meeting held at Colombo in November, the S&T cooperation between both the nations was discussed and initiated.

In addition to the above, the nations have also made a decision to back 3 workshop proposals from the lot of the 193 proposals which arrived in response to the call. 27 joint research projects from a range of fields such as food technology, materials, plant-based medicine and industrial electronics are being supported at present. In addition to that, several joint research papers and patents of extensive quality have been published by the PIs and fellows who were participants in a number of national and international conferences and symposiums of their respective fields.

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