The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) is driving the convergence of technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum computing, 3D printing and the Internet of Things. Geospatial technology is empowering other pillars of the revolution with spatial context and location intelligence to further improve the existing vertical applications.

Geospatial professionals need to assess the potential impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on their traditional roles and decide on the skill-set adaptions that they will be required to make. FICCI is organising Geo Tech 4.0 Summit with the theme, “Navigating Technological Disruptions” on 5-6 September 2019 at FICCI, New Delhi to discuss the role of collaborative co-existence in geospatial industry’s evolving engagement in 4IR.


  • Exhibition
  • Conference
  • FICCI National Geospatial Awards 2019
  • Release of FICCI Compendium of Success Stories on Geospatial Technologies in India

Focus Sectors/ Industries

  • Health
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism and Heritage Sites
  • Climate Change & Disaster Management
  • Urban Infrastructure

Conference focus areas

  • Geospatial 4.0: Navigating Technological Disruptions
  • Geospatial Ecosystem – Cross linkages with other Industries
  • Location-based services
  • New Innovations and Future Technologies

Whom do you expect to interact?

  • Senior Central & State Government Officials
  • Representatives from Geospatial Industry
  • Representatives from National Geospatial Agencies & Multilateral organizations
  • Start-ups
  • User organizations
  • Business Associations
  • Research and academic institutions

Why Attend?

  • Gather insights on geospatial business trends and opportunities in India
  • Meet senior Govt. officials & policy makers
  • Network with geospatial business stakeholders
  • Opportunity to share best practices and experience and talk to like-minded peers

Why Exhibit?

  • Form new strategic business alliances and partnerships
  • Launch, introduce and demonstrate new products
  • Reconnect with existing clients
  • Generate real-time market feedback on new or existing products and services

Website: Geo Tech 4.0 Summit