Employment market records 330,000 white-collar  jobs, surpasses pre-Covid levels

The number of openings has been the highest in the last 30 months

June 2, 2022

Vacancies during pre-Covid times were around 230,000

Companies accepting applications in May ‘22 were 61% higher than May ‘21

The IT industry recorded 64% growth

The technology sector contributed 70% to the overall jobs count

India’s white-collar employment market recorded 330,000 active job openings in May ‘22, the highest over the past 30 months, according to data compiled from top company job boards. 

The number has reached over 69% of the monthly average number of job vacancies during pre-covid times, which was around 230,000, as per the data.

Leading sectors

According to the data, the number of companies accepting applications in May was 61% higher compared to the same month last year, and 8% more than last month’s number of 305,000. 

The post-pandemic opening up of sectors such as hospitality & tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, oil & energy, media & advertising, and telecom, drove the rise in employment opportunities. Their job openings during May were collectively double the openings in April this year. Other sectors like education, pharma, and logistics are also adding more vacancies.

According to industry experts, a 4-5% headcount growth in the corporate sector is to be expected. It is also anticipated that top sectors that will undergo active employment will be financial services, IT, cement, and metals, as they will continue to see high demand due to private sector investment and government incentives.

The IT industry recorded 64% growth over the same period last year, while the technology sector as a whole contributed 70% to the overall jobs count. 

Office reopenings

As per the statement, India’s top five metros – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata – put out more than 190,000 job vacancies and registered a growth of 103% over the same period last year. Hiring action also has been returning to the metros over the last six months, due to more office reopenings after the pandemic.

Both remote and hybrid work openings registered their highest counts over the last two years, with a 16% contribution to overall opportunities. Full-time remote and hybrid jobs ended at a high of 53,000 in May, compared with 47,000 in April.

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