The COVID19 crisis has not only resulted in an economic downturn it has also led to the massive internal displacement of workers both skilled and otherwise and a large number of migrant workers are returning to the North East. As we progress towards normalcy the workers will start seeking out new employment avenues locally. This may create a sudden spike in unemployment in the next few months.

To help mitigate this challenge and guide the employment seekers towards new possibilities of employment and self-employment, FICCI North East Advisory Council is organizing a webinar on the theme “Entrepreneurship Opportunities in North East India” on June 19, 2020. The focus of the session will be to highlight some of the emerging opportunities and build a connection between entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, and different development agencies.

The webinar will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the challenges of the current situation and the way forward for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship Experts, support organizations, State Government representatives, and experts from Industry will interact with participants and deliberate of the current and future employment opportunities in Assam.

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