Event date: October 25, 2018

India Summit 2018 will bring together policymakers, business leaders from domestic and international companies, and respected political and economic commentators, to place the spotlight on the states’ necessary role in driving the national economic and social agenda.

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The day’s programme will evaluate how states are performing in the areas of attracting investment, making it easier to do business, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship, improving access to quality education and, ultimately, contributing to India’s long-term growth and development.

About the summit:

Narendra Modi’s ascent to India’s top job can be traced back to his success in his home state of Gujarat. As chief minister there, Mr Modi established a policy framework that helped attract foreign investment and improve the lives of Gujaratis. Those who aspire to win the prime ministership now have a clear model to follow: first, do well at home and outperform the leaders of rival states.

Many in the current batch of chief ministers appear up to the task of boosting their state’s fortunes. Maharashtra aims to cement its place as the country’s financial and corporate capital by implementing business-friendly policies. Delhi, Telangana and Karnataka welcome deep-pocketed investors and are courting start-ups to set up shop in newly created “tech hubs”, hoping to become home to the next unicorn (a private company valued at $1 billion or more). And four years after Mr Modi’s departure to run the country, Gujarat’s economy is still going strong.

India’s political system, which gives states significant power to implement local rules and enforce laws, means that good leadership at the state level is key to the country’s success. While all have a role, the bigger states and those with the greatest growth potential must play their part for India’s development to stay on track. But are local governments using their power to best effect?

Featured topics

  • Can India’s economically, culturally and socially disparate collection of states and territories work together for the country’s benefit?
  • How can competition between states spur growth?
  • Which state performs best in the areas of attracting investment, supporting innovation, providing quality access to education and contributing to national growth?
  • Which states give the best access to quality education, and how can their models be reproduced?
  • Is India’s middle class opportunity a myth?
  • How much has India’s business climate improved under Mr Modi?
  • Will GST in its current form do more harm than good?

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