E-way bills show signs of increasing steadily

As the economy has started reviving steadily after the effects of Covid-19, e-way bills have boosted up-to 4 crores since June 2021

December 21, 2021

During November, e-way bills were at 20.38 lakhs i.e. 14% lower than in the month of October.

GST marked at 22.85 lakhs as of December 19, 2021.

E-way bills have been predicted to go up by the year-end as well as in the New year.

In November, e-way bills were at 6.12 crores, the lowest as compared to the last five months.

The Goods and services tax (GST) amounted to 22.85 lakhs as of December 19, i.e 2.6% higher than the daily average as compared to the previous week, indicating a rise in goods transportation, as per the daily e-way bill generation. 

In November, the e-way bill generation was at 20.38 lakhs which indicates that it was 14% less than in October. The e-way bills since then have picked up the pace and now stand at 4.2 crore in the initial days of December. This shows that it is likely to go on increasing by the year-end and the upcoming year. 

Since June 2021, there has been a hike in the e-way bill generation after it falling below 4 crores in the month of May during the second wave of Covid-19. After the indirect tax regime was announced during June 2017, the October e-way bills stood at 7.35 crores, which was the highest record then. This helped in improving the economic activities and compliance during the festival season. 

For the month of November, the e-way bill generation stood at 6.12 crores, which was the lowest in five months, considering the amount of goods that were exported post the festive season. In September, the e-way bills witnessed a steady increase of around 6.79 crores when compared to the previous months. 

The higher the number of e-way bills that have been generated, the higher is the GST revenue. In November 2021, gross goods and services tax (GST) collections were marked at Rs. 1,31,526 crores which were reflecting the sales for the month of October – the second highest consummation as per the Indirect tax launched in July, 2017. 

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