Defence Minister unveils 27 border Infrastructure projects

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh unveils 27 Infrastructure projects that will further strengthen the defence and surveillance in India.

December 29, 2021

Umling-La pass, built at an altitude of 19,000 feet was one of the 27 projects that were announced.

Roads and infrastructure are not only to be built for strategic purposes but also to encourage development of the remote regions.

India to overcome certain issues like Infiltration, skirmishes, illegal trade and smuggling in the border areas.

Cconstruction of the road in Southern Ladakh despite the multiple challenges, marks a historic success for India.

The chances of avoiding any kind of a conflict in today’s world is highly uncertain, said Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday while discussing the development of the border infrastructure in an effort to encourage India’s defence and security system. He also announced 27 roads and bridge-projects implemented and managed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) and said if there were no infrastructure implemented at the right time, India wouldn’t have been able to battle the adversary in the northern sector. 

During a virtual ceremony, 24 roads were inaugurated out of which Umling-La pass in southern Ladakh has now become the world’s highest motorable road. It was built at an altitude of 19,000 feet. The Minister of Defence also said that the roads in the border areas are not only for strategic needs but also to encourage the development of the remote areas in the country. 

With India strengthening its border infrastructure, there is also an increasing necessity for India to expand and build its surveillance system, said the Defence Ministers. He also pointed out a few problems like Infiltration, skirmishes, illegal trade and smuggling that India has to overcome, especially in the border areas. 

Commenting on the construction of the road in the Southern Ladakh region, the Minister said that the BRO has achieved “historic feet” in spite of facing multiple challenges and hardship including the sub-zero temperature and extreme altitude. 

He concluded by saying that “It is a matter of pride not only for BRO but also for the nation”.


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