Corporates regularly engage Third-Party Auditors to review plant conditions to meet the statutory requirements. In such cases, audit acts as a prelude to any Management System Certification, wherein the third-party auditors give some of their observations as “Non-conformities-NC.”

In case other third-party audits are meant for regulatory authorities, the auditing team will make observations wherein the operating teams in the field are found deviating from standard practices of procedures, which has a detrimental impact on the OHS aspect of plant operations.

In both these situations, the plant-level teams feel as if they are caught unaware, and facing senior management or external bodies becomes embarrassing.

This program is directed at developing the skills and competency of internal teams to undertake such audits and identify the gaps themselves so that the non-conformities or gaps observed by external agencies are minimal.


  • To develop skills and competency with the internal teams to develop a keen eye to assess the gaps or non-conformities ahead of time.
  • To identify the improper practices that may be detrimental to the Health & Safety of persons engaged in various activities.