The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organising the CII MSME Growth Summit on Wednesday, 10 July 2024, at New Delhi. The theme for the Summit is “MSMEs: Fuelling Equitable Growth.”

Empowering MSMEs is crucial for achieving equitable economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development. These enterprises are key drivers of innovation, employment, and GDP growth in the global economic landscape. However, they face significant challenges, such as limited access to finance, market outreach difficulties, stringent regulations, rapid technological advancements, geopolitical instability, and cyber threats. Addressing these obstacles is essential for inclusive economic progress.

In the above context, the CII MSME Growth Summit will bring together MSMEs, financial institutions, startups, technology solution providers, and digital commerce platforms. This gathering will include senior government officials from the Ministry of MSME, industry leaders, strategic thinkers, and young icons from various fields.