New technologies are profoundly changing industrial production, giving rise to the factory of the future. The Factory of the Future at its core is about Automation & Robotics, Quality Throughput, Higher Utilization, Flexible Manufacturing Lines, Reduced Time-to-Market and higher visibility across other enterprise applications like Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It is also about the new digital technologies and its smooth alignment with the human capital; furthermore, it is about change management and achieving the desired target state.

Intelligent Industry Ecosystem is leading the way towards a new era of networked, information-driven and autonomous value systems that flexibly adapt to changing operating environments and user needs.

It is in this context, Confederation of Indian Industry proposes this initiative aims at helping manufacturing enterprises, in particular, SMEs, to adapt to global competitive pressures by developing the necessary key enabling technologies across a broad range of sectors. It will help the industry to meet increasing global consumer demand for greener, more customized and higher quality products through the necessary transition to a demand-driven industry with less waste and better use of resources.

The key objectives of the conference are to:

  • Serve as a knowledge platform to discuss the key trends, factors and  prioritize areas of development that will favor the manufacturing sector;
  • Gain knowledge on the advanced technologies that will support the growth of the manufacturing sector;
  • Discuss and identify models and systems to catalyze technology implementation in the manufacturing sector;
  • Gain the attention of the key stakeholders for a technology-rich environment in the manufacturing sector that ensures sustainability and profitability;
  • Aid in the development of effective policy to the government agencies;
  • Aid the Indian industries in interactions with international networks for collaborative R&D and product development

Website: CII Conference on Intelligent Industries