Cabinet approves ISRO Unit in Moscow

The Union Cabinet has approved the setting up of an ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) in Moscow, for synergistic collaborations with Russia and other neighbouring countries.

July 31, 2019

The ITLU’s annual budget of US$210,000 will go towards salary, office expenses, rent, taxes, among others

ISRO to collaborate with space agencies in Russia and other countries for mutually beneficial outcomes

Liaison offices report on industry developments and meetings with researchers, state agencies and industries

ITLU to support ongoing bilateral cooperation in space technology with Russia, acting on behalf of ISRO

The Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, has approved the setting up of an ISRO Technical Liaison Unit (ITLU) in Moscow, Russia, as per an announcement on July 31. The ITLU will enable timely interventions on diversified matters through effective technical coordination between Russia and India.

Establishment of ITLU will enable ISRO’s collaboration with Space agencies and related industries, in Russia and neighbouring countries, for mutually beneficial outcomes. An average expenditure of about US$210,000 per annum is anticipated to be incurred for the running of the ITLU. Based on the programmatic targets of ISRO, the facility will act on its behalf in matters of bilateral cooperation between the two countries. 

An ISRO-provided liaison Officer, deputed at ITLU, will report on industry developments, research, and technology, while supplying technical information on the same. The liaison officer will also share inputs from meetings with researchers, Government agencies, and industries in their respective countries. The officer will be tasked with supporting the ongoing bilateral agreements of cooperation in space technology, and will represent ISRO on these matters.

As per the August 15, 2022 timeline for the Gaganyaan Human Spaceflight Programme, India is looking to strengthen technical cooperation from established International space agencies around the world. Russia, as one of the leading Space faring nations, will assist the development of key technologies and specialised facilities that are essential for life in Space.

The Department of Space has instituted technical Liaison Units, namely ISRO Technical Liaison Units (ITLU), in Washington, USA and Paris, France respectively with the prime objective of liaising with various Government and space agencies in North America and Europe. Space cooperation has been an important link between India and Russia for many decades, and both sides are actively pursuing interactions in diversified areas of the space programme. India has even expanded its space cooperation with Russia’s neighbouring countries, calling for increased International technical collaboration.

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