Airtel- Amazon Web Services collaboration to benefit MSMEs

A multilateral Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) has been signed by Amazon Web Services and Bharti Airtel that is expected to accelerate the digital transformation of business in India

August 5, 2020

An integrated module with support across cloud management and handholding in sales and security measures will be available to MSME entrepreneurs.

AWS Cloud Practice platform tools such as SAP, database migration, VMware Cloud will be available as part of the module to drive digitisation

Competencies across machine learning, IoT, data management, and analytics are to be enhanced through the use of the integrated module

Previous collaborations that have promoted the upskilling of MSMEs in technological competencies include the Mastercard-SOLV agreement

A Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) between Bharti Airtel and Amazon Web Services announced on August 5 will see the building of the AWS Cloud Practice, a comprehensive cloud solutions platform for the MSME sector in India. Built on the AWS Professional Services platform, the tool will give entrepreneurs access to an integrated module with support across cloud management, security measures as well as guidance in sales among other aspects. The tools on the AWS Cloud Practice platform will include SAP, database migration, VMware Cloud, security, and risk governance solutions tailored to strengthen competencies across machine learning, IoT, data management, and analytics. 

Harmeen Mehta, CIO & Head – Cloud and Security Business at Bharti Airtel remarked “As part of their cloud adoption journey, enterprises are looking for agility, faster migration from legacy systems, and want to work with trusted partners who have the experience and depth in doing this. This collaboration brings AWS, the world’s leading cloud platform, together with Airtel’s deep reach and proven expertise in handling network, data centers, security, and cloud as an integrated solution.”

Previous collaborations by private entities that have equipped MSMEs with technological expertise include the partnership between Mastercard and SOLV, a digital marketplace platform. The partnership enabled MSMEs to expand their business network and strengthen business continuity through easy access to loans and logistics support. Providing MSMEs with the requisite technical know-how and preparing the ecosystem for robust growth is possible through strategic partnerships and sustained governmental initiatives. STICK (Science, Technology, Innovation, and Creation of Knowledge) is one such initiative wherein interdisciplinary knowledge on innovation and R&D have been made available to MSMEs.

The Ministry of MSME is furthering the skilling and upskilling of SME entrepreneurs in technological focus areas through the Technology Centre Systems Programme (TCSP) wherein new Tool Rooms and Technology Development Centres (TCs) will be set up in addition to improving existing infrastructure. 

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