AI & ML now integrated with the Ministry of MSME’s Champion portal

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises introduced the IT tools of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide assistance and solutions to the issues of MSMEs.

October 14, 2020

The Ministry of MSMEs has integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning with their Champions Portal.

MSME has created over 111 million job opportunities as per National Sample Survey 73rd round (2015-16).

Single window system portal by the name ‘Champions’ was launched in June 2020, which is a front runner platform for MSMEs.

AI enables machines to learn, adapt, and operate on those systems on which MIS fails to do so.

A significant milestone was achieved when the Ministry of MSMEs  integrated their recently launched ‘Champions’ Portal with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Partnering with tech-giant Intel, the ministry seeks to obtain insights into MSME-related grievances and issues for their quick and effective resolution, the ministry implemented AI and ML into their single-window system portal ‘Champions’ which was launched in June 2020, by PM Narendra Modi.

The Champions Portal is a multi-modal system which has a portal at the virtual level and technology-equipped physical control rooms. The control rooms have been set up across 69 locations in the country. The system is one of the front runner platforms for MSMEs in a very short span of time.  These tools and portals were launched during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to turn the disaster into an opportunity with futuristic interventions.For grievance redressal the ministry was dependent on the complaints and data coming through the Champions portal. .This portal has emerged as one of the front-runner platforms for the MSMEs in a very short span of time and is converting it into an opportunity with futuristic interventions. AI enables machines to learn, adapt, and operate  on those systems on which MIS fails to do so. Furthermore AI, will enable the Ministry to know the behavioral patterns of stakeholders and people involved or dependent on the MSME sector in real-time. AI helps the Ministry understand the issues of MSMEs in real-time, including information, sentiment, and intelligence analysis based on widely available social media and online data.  The input and intervention will enhance the information resources on one hand and free human resources on the other. 

The next phase would be directed towards real-time grievance redressal and management. This  would include increasing the performance of control rooms and officers through AI enabled Chat Bots for faster response to customer query, and also give a real-time detailed analysis across the entire workflow of its single window system and grievance redressal through Champions portal for effective resolution and greater stakeholder satisfaction.

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