The annual conferences of the Emerging Markets Conference Board bring together marketing and emerging markets scholars and practitioners from around the world to discuss contemporary issues and challenges in emerging economies. The goal is to advance the understanding of marketing and other management issues in emerging markets and facilitate collaboration on emerging markets research.

The Institute of Management Technology – Ghaziabad is proud to organize the 2019 Annual Conference of the Emerging Markets Conference Board at its Ghaziabad campus on January 6-8, 2019. The theme of conference is “Driving Marketing Excellence through Experiences in Emerging Economies” which has been announced during EMCB 2018 conference at Wits Business School in South Africa by Prof. Naresh Malhotra.

This conference will offer delegates a chance to sharpen their research endeavours through stimulating intellectual discussions to contribute to the nascent but burgeoning body of emerging markets insights. Conference is a great opportunity to connect with attendees from different perspectives and views, learn from them, make new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. It will pave the way for scientific cooperation by meeting and connecting with researchers from different Institutions.

Website: Emerging Markets Conference Board