The 1st ever e-Symposium on Negotiating Defence Contracts will be held on June 24, 2020, from 1530 – 1700 Hrs. Society of Aerospace Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDeS) is the Knowledge Partner to this initiative.

  • Negotiations are an essential process towards finalizing any business contract. However, while negotiating defence contracts, the complexities increase manifold as it encompasses the entire acquisition process and span over several years.
  • In many cases, negotiations reach an impasse due to positions taken by both the sides and delay closure.
  • Business Contracts between suppliers and PSUs also go through rule bound complex negotiations.
  • Hence, Defence negotiations require unique skill sets and background knowledge to conclude win-win contracts.

Objective of eSymposium:

  • Provide an insight into MoD’s negotiation strategy and its expectations from industry.
  • Clarifying issues about technical and commercial negotiations.
  • Understand the Process of Benchmarking and its impact on negotiations.
  • Substantiate Reasonability of cost.
  • Nuances of Transfer of Technology negotiations.
  • Insights on effective negotiation strategies on how to: –
  • Prepare for a negotiation,
  • Understand the known and unknown factors in the process
  • Clearly define fall back option and
  • Steer and clinch the negotiations smoothly

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