“Innovation Manifesto for India”

The 15th Edition of CII India Innovation Summit 2019 will focus on the theme “Innovation Manifesto for India”

The Innovation Manifesto will focus you the strategic rationale and development plan for the innovation in the country. It will ideate on creating policies for the innovation and will help in guiding pathway for the effective implementation. It’s a manifesto because it is a statement of belief and intent. Everyone is talking about innovation these days. Innovation is a critical component of the future. Yet, companies are slow to act.

The Summit will:

Create a platform for Industry Captains, Academicians, Technocrats, young innovators and policy makers to showcase and participate
Focus on Innovation as a process of flow –Generate ideas, select ideas and formulate a plan for execution
Focus on prototypes which iterate rapidly instead of trying to make things perfect from the start.
Generate a dossier of recommendations from a CII standpoint on Industry future trends and issues/ bottleneck impeding the overall ecosystem of innovation
Discuss on small and effective ways to encourage innovation at grassroots levels
Develop partnerships for ongoing programmes which will encourage Academic innovation and stronger Industry- Academia interconnect
Give a platform to new ideas and reward social innovation
Align Future Strategy and growth with Innovation
Generate new ideas which can be embedded within the economy/ ecosystem –build new networks for our great ideas and put them within innovative business models.

The Summit will focus on transformative policies which look forward to sustainable, just and a resilient approach. We will invite entrepreneurs, policy-makers, experts, intellectuals, businessmen, professionals, academicians etc. A document will be created with an aim to identify complementarities, differences, common insights and challenges. The purpose of doing so is to formulate a common call for action, create focus and develop momentum for innovation.

Website: 15th India Innovation Summit 2019