113 countries approve India’s COVID19 vaccine certificate: GOI

India has signed agreements with 22 other countries to have the vaccination certificate status of Indian travelers recognized abroad

December 16, 2021

Countries including the USA, UAE, Russia and Sri Lanka have recognized India’s vaccination certificates.

Pacts have been signed with countries including Estonia, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, Palestine,Bangladesh towards the same end.

India’s COVAXIN has been authorized for Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the WHO in November 2021.

Two doses of COVAXIN with a 4-week interval period have been recommended by the WHO’s SAGE panel.

About 113 countries have approved the Government of India’s covid-19 vaccination certificate, according to the External Affairs Minister. The approval includes provisions for recognizing Indian travelers who have received the vaccine. Some other countries have articulated measures that are to apply to Indian travelers who have been inoculated against the coronavirus. Some countries that have recognized India’s vaccination certificate include Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Russia and the United States of America. Additionally, India has signed pacts with 22 nations in order to have the vaccination certificate recognized. Some of the countries include Kazakhstan, Estonia, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, Palestine,Bangladesh, Ukraine, Lebanon, Belarus, Switzerland, Singapore, Hungary and Mauritius. 

The development follows closely on the heels of the Bharat Biotech develop COVAXIN being authorized for Emergency Use Listing (EUL) by the World Health Organization (WHO) in November this year. The authorization will greatly aid the mass-rollout of vaccination programmes at both national and international levels in addition to certifying that the benefits of taking the vaccine are greater than the risks involved. The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) empanelled by the WHO has prescribed that COVAXIN be administered twice in total with a four-week interval period. Initial trials as of the authorization of the vaccine have revealed a low risk factor when administered among pregnant women although subsequent trials will be required to finalize the margin of risk. 

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